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Marketing Metrics
Metrics Integrated is a highly specialized professional service and training firm that is dedicated to providing solutions for improvements in marketing performance. Our core strength lies in aligning marketing spending and activities with corporate financial goals.
We work with Marketing Executives to help them design and implement a customized set of Marketing Metrics in the form of a Marketing Dashboard or a Marketing Balanced Scorecard. By applying a balanced scorecard strategy mapping approach, we systematically link marketing activities and marketing objectives to corporate strategy and financial goals. The resulting scorecard makes it easier for corporate boards, CEOs, CFOs and marketing executives to relate marketing spending with shareholders’ value creation.
Our unique approach offers deep knowledge in areas of Strategy, Marketing and Finance and combines it with the talent and expertise of principals who have spent long careers as CFOs and CMOs with top, world-class Fortune 500 and Private Equity Owned companies. This innovative approach is aimed at measuring and aligning marketing performance with corporate financial goals.
Increasing pressure on marketing executives to justify and demonstrate financial returns on marketing spending has created an urgent need for marketing professionals to develop and enhance their financial acumen and financial analysis skills. At Metrics Integrated we tackle these exact needs by employing a program that offers a variety of services, focusing on training, coaching and development of your marketing personnel.
Our highly customized training programs, are mainly designed for sales and marketing professionals and are conducted by our qualified and experienced principals, binging 20+ years experience from top-notch companies. These programs groom and develop marketing professionals with financial knowledge and awareness that is required to qualify them for ‘C’ level executive jobs.
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